Industrial Cooperation as the Catalyst

Addressing the opportunities and challenges of utilizing industrial cooperation (IC) to enhance local manufacturers capabilities to enable to supply components and services to Tier 1, 2 or 3 UAE and international OEMs in the Defense, Aviation and Space industrial sectors.

Generating Opportunities for Growth

The Sharjah Export Development Center is bringing together key stakeholders, including government bodies, OEMs, high-tech manufacturers and trade organizations from across the globe, to discuss how UAE manufacturers can form part of the global supply chain.


The Reception and Conference themes cover the following:

  • Sharjah and UAE export capabilities overview
  • Manufacturing / Supply opportunities and capability gaps
  • Identifying supply chain opportunities in the UAE
  • Requirements for becoming an OEM`s Supplier


  • Financial
  • Labour Force
  • Environmental
  • Export Controls and Licensing
  • Certifications

Who Should Attend?

  • Sharjah and UAE Manufacturers
  • Aviation & Defense Companies / OEMs
  • Government Agencies
  • Free zones and industrial zone management bodies
  • Business Development Managers, Export Sales Managers, Government offcials and staff who deal with foreign direct investment and industrial cooperation (FDI / IC)
  • The Conference will also be very effective in raising awareness and generating business leads for professionals working in related functions such as Sales, Contracts, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

The Reception

The Evening Reception has been developed as a B2B event to create an environment where manufacturers and OEMs can get together and discuss areas of mutual interest.

It has been designed as an informal networking and information gathering event where representatives from all supply chain stakeholders, including government, public sector initiatives, local and international purchasers and professional services representatives from the private sector can get together to generate contacts and to present their capabilities, products and services.

The Conference

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), as the appointed representative to promote business within Sharjah, is committed to assisting its members in developing their resources, identifying new global markets and becoming globally competitive thereby increasing their export opportunities.

This conference on industrial cooperation and growing supply chains aims to explore how Sharjah and UAE based manufacturing businesses can become a supplier of products and services to major UAE and international OEMs.


The Reception and Conference will focus on addressing the opportunities and challenges of utilizing industrial cooperation to build local manufacturers capabilities to enable them to supply components and services to Tier 1, 2 or 3 UAE and international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) in the Defense, Aviation and Space industrial sectors.

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

  • National Anthem
  • MC Opening Remarks
  • Video Presentation
  • Sharjah Chamber opening Remarks
  • Speaker - Industrial Revolution 4 and Keynote Innovations Driving Industry
  • Awards Ceremony

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

  • Key Developments in Export Supply Chain
  • Current Sharjah Supply Chain Landscape
  • Emerging Trends in Risk Management
  • Opportunities in the Near and Far Term
  • Innovations Transforming Industries
  • Kenya & Uganda
  • Q&A

11:45 AM - 11:55 AM

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

  • Sharjah's Role in Facilitating Economic Growth through Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Challenges Facing the Global and Local Industry
  • Opportunities in the Near and Far Term
  • Need for Swift Application of Innovation

12:45 PM - 13:55 PM

14:00 PM - 14:45 PM

Panel discussion followed by Q&A
  • Gaps and Opportunities in Supply Chain Entrepreneurship
  • Financing Projects – Best Practices
  • International OEMs and Sharjah Businesses - Partnership Prospection
  • What We Can Learn from UAE Success Stories

14:45 PM

Session Highlights:
  • Announcements by Sharjah Chamber
    Chairman/Representative – Plans and Highlights of 2019-2020 Outlook
  • Floor Open for Q&A with Chairman


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